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Dear visitor,

welcome to my little online home, a tiny universe of lust, erotica and happiness ;)

Who am I?

I am an eductaced professional with anormal, almost boring life with everyday duties such as get up and go to work (that I love), eat, work out...

Being an independent couresan is a little secret of mine, a little fantasy a little bit of fun. It is a bit of extra-ordinary spice to my ordinary life.

Who are you?

Hopefully, you are someone who is looking to live up a little secret, someone who wants to enjoy erotica or try something new. With a bit of luck, you are looking for someone like me ;)

Who am I not?

I am not a girl without ambicious, girl that her only skill is to be an escort, girl that her only carrer prospect is escorting, girl that takes every booking to pay her bills, gold-digger... So if you are looking for a pretty but empty girl, I am not a girl for you.

Who are you not?

Anything but gentleman, someone who is after just any escort out there, someone who is not selective and who settle for less...

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Calista Carver

Vienna escort


All about me in short stats

Age - 30's

Height - 165 cm

Weight: 54 kg

Measurements: 95 - 65 - 93

Languages - English

Hair - Natural blonde

Eyes - Brown

Orientation - Straight

City - Bratislava

Smoker - no

Drinks - Champagne